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I PAINTED my kitchen tile

kitchen lewith silver details

I am in love with our newly painted kitchen cabinets.  But the tile and the countertops are like a total buzz kill for me.  So.much.brown.  I have plans to switch them both out for more contemporary colors and finishes, but until then.... I painted my tile!   This is a super easy process but I will say that my tile was very POROUS and that makes a huge difference in the technique and products that you need to use if you attempt … [Read more...]

It’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday woman against the sky with rainbow-colored air balloons in hands. sunny and positive energy of nature. Young beautiful girl on the grass in the park.

I am 44 years old today and rejoicing about getting older.  Yes there are a few more wrinkles and a few more pounds than last year, but there is also much more wisdom and many more memories and so much to be grateful for!   Growing older is just so, so much better than the alternative, wouldn't you agree?  To all you 20 and 30 somethings..... the 40's are just fine my friends.  xoxo In lieu of my birthday, I've put all of my DIY videos and all … [Read more...]

I can’t do my triathlon this weekend & I’ve finally taken off my pissy pants


A few days ago my sweet friend Cathy asked me when I planned on blogging about why I am not doing any triathlons this summer. I’ve been stalling and stalling on writing a blog post because I kept thinking mayyyyyyyyybe I still would be able to race this season but it appears that I am officially out (insert sad music).  It  has made me quite irritable and frankly if I can just be honest..... I've been pretty pissy about it.  I was hoping I would … [Read more...]

Our kitchen cabinet transformation: from gold —–> gray

kitchen cabinets painted SW Cityscape

Transforming our house has been a slooooooooooooooooooooow process. But we are making headway!!!      (photo cred to ES Photography in Kansas City who did our real estate photos) Many of you may remember when our kitchen looked like this.  I know in this professional photo from E.S. Photography above that the cabinets appear light and creamy, but it really was gold and the finish on them was very outdated.  I did the faux … [Read more...]

Mr Magic made me a “C” table

c table stained

  Did you know they were even called that?  I didn't!  I called them "the little tables that scooched under the bottom of the sofa".  One of my amazing Facebook followers clued me in ..... they are "C" tables cuz' they are shaped like the letter "c".  #MindBlown.  You guys are so smart! So anyhoo, Mr Magic made me two of these nifty little tables because when we are sitting in our new sectional, I have nowhere to put my coffee … [Read more...]

Time is running out!

JA Dots FB Ad (4)

Are you a DIY'er, faux painter or furniture painter?  Are you tired of getting the wrong clients who want you to lower your prices?  Do you feel like the market is getting so saturated with competitors? Do you feel like you are not making any money????  Let me help!  I'm going to be spending the rest of July addressing the 4 ways to make more money in your small, creative business so that you can actually feel like you are not working for … [Read more...]

A gallery wall of old windows

gallery wall of old windows

We've been working slowly, slowly to put our house back together after: putting it up for sale when the wall looked like the pic below making it "vanilla" to appeal to the masses (so we took the wall down) taking it off the market because the house we wanted sold (drats!  There was weeping and gnashing of teeth) changing our color scheme from golds ---------> gray And now..... trying to make the house ours again. It's been a … [Read more...]

Time sensitive!

So the internet was down on my block today.  And I was twitching a little bit!  Ok, I was twitching ALOT!  ha!  What a terrible feeling!  Man we have come to rely on technology so crazy much, haven't we? But I am back up and running tonight and I seriously cannot believe that the summer is 1/2 up already.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN .... says the mom who has now resorted to letting her kids use the neighborhood pool as daily bathing. #keepinitreal  … [Read more...]