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Pretty much EVERYTHING is paintable


Yep, pretty much EVERYTHING IS paintable.  And if you ask my hubby right now, he will probably tell you that I'm painting almost everything in our house that isn't nailed down.  My quest to go from gold to gray continues and nothing is safe! And here is the deal, I would love to go REPLACE every thing I own to go with my new painting scheme..... but it's just not in our budget.  So, I'll use a lot of what I have and CHANGE it.  And you can do … [Read more...]

A love letter to my creative friends

Dearest creatives, It saddens me so much when I hear you dumb down the talent that you have.  When I hear you take your craft for granted.  Or when I can tell that you don't think your creative talent is as important as "other professions". Friends, listen.  The God of the universe entrusted to you with a creative talent to make this world a more beautiful place!!! And beauty matters to the Lord or He would have made the world all in black … [Read more...]

5 things NOT to say to a family who wanted to adopt a child, but didn’t

aimee 4 kids

  So if you have followed my blog for any length of time, you may know that for years we have tried to adopt a child.  My husband and I have 3 healthy, wonderful, wild biological children, but I have always, always wanted to adopt.  It was 11 years ago when our middle kiddo was an infant that we first began to get information on adoption. Originally we considered adopting internationally, but as time went on, we decided we felt called … [Read more...]

Mentorship doors closing TODAY!

Friends if you have been on the fence about joining my mentorship program, we start TODAY!  The time to decide is NOW.  Last call for all creative entrepreneurs! We have such a powerful team of women signed up.  75 small business owners.  All with passion and drive and desire and creative talents and I cannot wait to get started. If you have any questions about my program, please feel free to email me or ask below and I'll do my best to … [Read more...]

We start Wednesday!

Hey friends.  I hope your Valentines Day was lovely and chocolate filled and spent with the ones you love! I want to remind you that my mentorship class starts THIS WEDNESDAY, Feb 18th.  Many of you asked when is the deadline for signing up and we are nearing it!!! I do NOT want you to miss this!  You can get more information HERE and I encourage you to sign up asap.  If you are still on the fence, let me just say this..... what do you have to … [Read more...]

Oops! And a big XOXO

White sale sign over red hearts background. Vector holiday illus

Did you get my email this week about working out at 9Rounds and it had a sideways picture in it (happens whenever I use a pic from my Android phone)? And did you also get my email last night telling you to watch my video and yet, the video was blank? (apparently we can put men on the moon but we can't embed videos into emails, who knew???). ****** sigh****** . Thank you Lord for technical people cuz' I just want to paint and … [Read more...]

One week to go!

My mentorship starts a week from today.  And I'm salivating at the mouth. I already love the group of dynamic, powerful, creative entrepreneurs that are signed up!  And I've already filmed my first teaching for the group on the topic of FEAR and how FEAR jams up our creative businesses. I can't wait to share it with everyone. If you are still on the fence about joining us, watch a quick video here and let me know if you can … [Read more...]

What a wooden box at 9 Round just taught me….


    So one of my triathlon buddies and I signed up for "9 Rounds" several months ago (it's a 30 minute kick boxing session).  We needed a workout that is quick and intense during our off season and we wanted to work out together. 9 Rounds seemed perfect and apparently, I enjoy hitting things.  Who knew? Lol So one of the things they pull out at 9 Round on occasion is a this wooden box (see picture above).  When I was a YMCA … [Read more...]