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Got ugly cabinets? I’ve got fixes.

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    Hey friends, whether we like it or not.... the holidays are headed our way.  And.... more than likely, we are all going to have people IN our homes.   Are you ready for that?  Or do you still have some projects in your house that you wish you could get done before everyone gathers at your place?  There is still time! Overwhelmingly, the very #1 thing people complain to me about in their homes is their CABINETS.   And … [Read more...]

OMGosh. I can’t believe they just commented that…..

Ok, I know you've seen them.  The comments on Facebook that are just so..... rude.  Mean spirited.  Downright nasty.  I've almost come to expect it on news pages with hot topics like politics or blogs like the famous Matt Walch's. But more and more I am seeing hateful comments on decorating and painting sites.  "Creative" pages if you will.  And it makes me wonder when on earth did we decide it's ok to type whatever opinions come to our mind?  … [Read more...]

Featuring…. Faux Finish Friday! Hurry before it snows!

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Hey friends.  It turned like fall OVERNIGHT in Kansas City!  Even a frost warning tonight which is a month ahead of "normal".... what?  So I wanted to offer you energetic, motivated DIYers a chance to get my garage door video BEFORE the snow comes in the Midwest!  The video will be 50% off (great deal!  It's usually 40% off) for the next 24 hours with the code..... FAUXFRIDAY at checkout. I want to show you a few doors the Magic Brush girls … [Read more...]

What could be my LAST post about our adoption process

aimee 4 kids

  (Christmas pictures 2 years ago) This is a hard blog post to write.  Full of emotions.  I'm praying you will hear my heart and be encouraged, even through our disappointment. In the last few weeks my husband and I had to make a big decision.  We knew that the day would be coming when we had to decide whether or not to renew our license to adopt. We started this journey 4 years ago next month and we were so, so naïve. I think we … [Read more...]

Front Door Paint – my big reveal and a giveaway for YOU!


  So I am so, so excited to tell you about the new paint line from Modern Masters that I just got to try.  It's called Front Door Paint and I used it to take my neighbor Jody's front door from a ho-hum, weathered black to a hellllllllllllllo hot red color!  The change is amazing!     I had recently saw the Front Door Paint on my friend Dana's blog .  She went gutsy, gutsy, gutsy with the color "Fortunate" and I … [Read more...]

Attention all small business owners/crafters/creatives… I need your help!

I am working diligently at mapping out my first coaching program for you.... the small business owner who needs a boost in business. You, the stay at home mom who is wanting to add income to her family.  You, the amazingly talented faux painter/furniture re-habber who is extremely talented.... but not making any money.  I want to help YOU! Could you take 2 minutes of your day to fill out this quick survey for me?  It will help me to better … [Read more...]

August 20th. A day I always remember with sadness, yet a grateful heart.

Today is August 20th, the day our first baby was due to be born. We were so excited to be pregnant!!! I had prayed for a reason to quit smoking (yes, me.) and 3 weeks later was suddenly pregnant!!! How's that for an answer to prayer! At my first doctor's appointment, the doctor suspected I may be pregnant with twins, so he ordered a sonogram at 9 weeks. Unfortunately, instead of seeing 1 or 2 ...heartbeats, there were none. The doctors gave us … [Read more...]