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On Ferguson and other things I know nothing about…..

I've stopped and started about 10 postings about Ferguson, MO (the state where I live) this morning. And I've erased every one. But, as my kids left for school yesterday and saw the tv reporting about Ferguson, one of my kids asked me "mom, will the looters attack our school?" And my heart just sank. I wanted to scoop him up and sit him on my lap and keep him home from school and tell him it will all be ok. We MUST leave this world a better … [Read more...]

And another cream cabinet. And another cream cabinet. And another…. at 50% off

DC Designs

Ok, so it's ONE thing for me to show you the kitchens that my Magic Brush team of women make over.  We did the kitchen makeover above.  Love it.   But I am flooooooooooored by the emails I get from YOU GUYS making over your kitchens with my DIY videos!  Check out this one by DC Designs.   And this one from Lisa Carillo....     And this from Michelle Woodard who kicked bootie on her kitchen!  … [Read more...]

And I can’t believe THAT just came out of my mouth….

business, office, school and education concept - stressed busine

    Do you ever just say something and think where ON EARTH did THAT just come from?  Ug. Sometimes out of my troubled heart, my mouth speaks! A few weeks ago,  I was feeling rather anxious about work.  The flip side of things going very, very well for the Magic Brush is that there are also many, many projects coming up and many, many decisions to make concerning what projects to accept, what directions to take, etc.   I'm … [Read more...]

Still time to fix your oak cabinets BEFORE Thanksgiving dinner!


Today my Featured Faux Finish is my "Chestnut Stain" cabinets.  This is now my most popular finish for DARKENING your outdated kitchen cabinets. If you are not on board with the light cabinet trend (you are not alone)....then THIS is the finish for you! Seriously friends, this finish is soooooooooo easy.  It can be applied with a sponge.  Or a roller.  Or a brush.  The video comes with a supply list and where to order it all from.  You … [Read more...]

I can’t even BELIEVE I get to announce this!!!!


  Ok friends, you know I've been working on something fun as a way to get to meet some of you in person.  Something involving white sand and a little foo-foo drinks on the beach.  And I can't believe I finally get to announce it.  You ready?  Get your passport cuz' we are heading to .......drumroll.....JAMAICA !!!! My hubby and I have vacationed many, many times with friends and family.  We love vacationing with people.  We have found … [Read more...]

DOORS CLOSE at midnight on Monday!! Don’t miss this!


Hey friends! I know from your emails that many of you are ready to quit working at the 9-5 job that you hate and begin a creative career in 2015.  Did you know that the BUSIEST time of year for every faux painter is RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!  Yahoo!   Now is the time for you to get started on your new cabinet painting business or to add to your existing portfolio of services offered.   I can show you how! The doors to my cabinet … [Read more...]

Only 6 days left!!!!


  I have had an AMAZING response to my "Cabinet Painting for an Income" webinar!  So amazing that I had to purchase another bundle of phone lines to support all the sign ups!  Who knows this is a GOOD problem to have???? Here is the deal.  Many of you are talented painters.  Many of you already paint furniture.  Many of you have painted your own cabinets and now your neighbor or your cousin or your boss's wife wants you to paint THEIR … [Read more...]