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When I was a bartender ….


  Yeah, I know that headline will throw some of you for a loop.  Lol.  But, it's true.  In my mid-20's, I waited tables and bartended at a local bar and grill. I found I was an awesome waitress.... I loved serving people, I loved chatting with people and I could consolidate with the best of them. But I stunk as a bartender.  For one, I have terrible cooking skills, remember? And I wasn't much better at mixing drinks.  Lol.  And two, … [Read more...]

Tired of your bronze light fixtures yet?


    So lately I have been getting tired of some of my heavy looking, bronze colored chandeliers.  I still like the SHAPE of them, I just want to lighten them up.... both visually and how they feel in the room.   So I decided to paint this one which I think made my main man wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happier than me buying a new one and him having to take this one down and rewire another.  I remembered to take the … [Read more...]

Yes, we unplugged our kids (taking a break from the crazy train)

Feet Warming Near The Fireplace

(NOTE:  I've been sitting on this blog post for a few months.  I wrote it months ago and then chickened out on posting because I know I'll get some push back on it.  But I've talked to even more mommas lately whose hearts are aching to take their family nights back and for them, I will be brave and post.) So let me first start by saying, I love sports.  I grew up playing sports.  I love having my kids in extracurricular activities.  I am not … [Read more...]

A Facebook CELEBRATION!!!!

Like Thumbs Up

My Facebook page hit 100,000 fans last night.  100,000 FANS!!!!!!!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude!  100,000 people connecting, commenting, sharing, inspiring one another.  It really does feel like community and I really am so, soooooooo grateful.  I've always said I have the very best fans on Facebook and I absolutely believe that. What a blessing you are to me!!!!! In celebration, I've put all of my DIY videos at 40% off for you.  Use the … [Read more...]

My most productive work day this year

I want to tell you about my work day Friday.  It was my most productive work day of 2015 thusfar. I got up. I went to the gym. I had quiet time and prayer. I answered email for 15 minutes. I spent 3 hours at my kid's school. I went for a wog (a walk/jog) because the weather in Kansas City was ridiculous. I journaled. I listened to some great podcasts from Pastor Steven Furtick. I soaked in a bubble bath. I tried out my new … [Read more...]

January down time – time to get crap done

Slow Sign  Yellow Road Label Vector Illustration

  Can I type "crap" and still love Jesus?  I think I can. Ha. Every year in January, my business slows down some.  I used to freak out and think I was going under and stay awake with a tummy ache at night (so dramatic).  Until I got wise to the fact that after getting a good butt kicking every November and December (everyone wants their house painted before the holidays!), my January down time was actually r-e-f-r-e-s-h-i-n-g. I … [Read more...]

Big Announcement!

I have been working since the fall on my mentorship program!  And it is READDDDDDDDDDY for you! I can't wait! I am doing a 6 week long Inner Circle where you will be put in a private Facebook group (because you all know how much I love Facebook) and I will be giving you weekly video trainings (because you also know how much I love video!).  The topics we are covering are what I think are some of the most UNDER-talked about and yet … [Read more...]