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WOW! You all freaked out over this island!

distressed cream island

Last week I posted a few pictures of this island that the Magic Brush girls were working on to my Facebook page and you all went ga-ga! I know.  They did an amazing job on this island, didn't they?   This finish is the same one we do over and over and over, BUT normally we glaze in clean lines. On this particular project, my client wanted us to really make the piece look old.  It made my heart skip because I LOVE making things look … [Read more...]

My bath curtain. My bronze truffle cabinets. My lack of sewing skills.

IMG_2926 MLS (2)

  On Monday I blogged about the new bath caddy that the amazing Mr. Magic made for me.  It's gorgeous and perfect and ONLY LOOKS THAT GOOD WHEN I HAVE IT STAGED FOR PICTURES.  Lol.  The rest of the time I am wrangling Ava's toys off of it (have you seen the Ken and Barbie pictures??). Many of you asked questions about how we hung the fabric curtain, so I posted this picture on my business Facebook page:     (photo … [Read more...]

Bath CADDY? Bath SHELF? Bath TRAY? Toy holder??????

bath caddy side view

A while back I mentioned to Mr. Magic that I would LOVE to have a tray made to go over our bathtub.  Because he is amazing at interpreting my "hints" as what they really are.... "requests", he made it happen.  But I was a little shocked at how!  He may be genius!  I should marry that man.     He came home one day with this kitchen cutting board (butcher block) that he got from a local Restore in Kansas City.  It was not … [Read more...]

I am obsessed with navy paint. And in related news….. I would love to meet you in Kentucky!


Many of you know that we are in the middle of changing our gold painted home --------> gray.  But not JUST gray.  I gotta have pops of color. And I'm obsessed with fuchsia and navy right now with my gray.  I had a designer tell me LAST YEAR that navy would be hot this year and she was so right!  I have a piece of furniture that I am wanting to paint NAVY to go in my living room along with my navy chairs.       In … [Read more...]

Repurposing an old thrift store print into ——-> a gorgeous chalkboard (easy gift idea!)

chalkboard distressing

  I recently painted an old thrift store print for a giveaway for a friend for the Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association.  Most of you know my hubby and I tried for 4 years to adopt from foster care so I was HONORED to make a chalkboard for them to auction off! Chalkboards like this one are quick, easy and a GREAT gift idea (think birthday, Christmas, going to college, etc).     First, start with a picture … [Read more...]

So this is what a “nice” vehicle feels like? (I usually drive a painting truck)

florida mazda

  If you follow my Magic Brush Facebook page, you know my family just returned from sunny, WARM Florida.  We indulged in a lot of sunsets on Sanibel Island.  And the beach.  And lobster.  And little drinks with umbrellas....  naps, boat rides, a gorgeous little artsy town called "Matlacha".  And a brand new Mazda CX 9. And seriously, driving that Mazda was DEFINITELY a highlight of our week. Listen, my work truck is 14 years old … [Read more...]

A $200 clothing giveaway from Stitch Fix…… FOR REAL!


You guys know I'm obsessed with Stitch Fix, right?  If you haven't heard of them, I refer to Stitch Fix as "the clothing company for people who LOVE clothing but HATE shopping".  That describes me to a "t". For those of you who haven't seen my posts, I've been getting "fixed" for the last few months. Basically it works like this: Stitch Fix assigns you a personal online shopper who selects you 5 pieces of clothing (or handbags/jewelry if … [Read more...]

Dear teachers: they didn’t read much.


  Summer is winding down.  We are literally days away from our 3 kiddos starting their new school year. And all the sudden, I'm feeling the end of summer scramble coming on.  How can we squeeze out one more trip to the pool?  One last trip out of town?  One last sleep over?  One last book?  Oh wait.  I forgot.... my kids don't like to read.  And it pains me.  As an avid reader, I want them to LOVE reading. And yet, they don't. So, I … [Read more...]