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10 creative container ideas …. for people who love the container more than the growing!

unique container toolbox

I did another local tv segment last week on "creative container ideas" for spring!  Let me just say that I am NOT a horticulturist. In fact, I'm almost CERTAIN that I have a black thumb, but I do LOVE creative ways to pot flowers. As I said on the program, if your flowers are in cute pots, people notice it LESS when they are dying.  Well maybe they don't, but it makes me feel better to think it. I showed 10 ideas of ways to plant flowers … [Read more...]

We start tomorrow!


  Creative business owners, we start my next mentorship group tomorrow!  I am so excited to take another group of creative entrepreneurs through this training!  We saw amazing break through in the last group! So inspiring! If you are still on the fence about how a group like this could change your business, let me just say this...... If you are a creative entrepreneur and feel like no one (not even sometimes your family) understands … [Read more...]

Perfect Schmer-fect: how perfectionism could be killing your creative small business!


  To my creative entrepreneur friends: Are you a self-proclaimed perfectionist?  Or maybe you do not think you are a perfectionist, but maybe you are a creative entrepreneur and you joke that you are OCD.  Or an overachiever. Or obsessively meticulous. Those are just fancy-schmancy words for the same thing. Maybe you have had thoughts like this that pop up in your business: My business name isn’t exactly what I want, so I'm … [Read more...]

My nearly white entryway table. A tutorial.

entryway cabinet repainting II

  If you follow my Magic Brush Facebook page, you'll know that I recently repainted my entryway table to look like the picture above.  I know, I know. It's almost white.  And I thought I was allergic to white. Who knew??   I have loved this piece for many, many years but I am just soooooooooo over the dark, heavy colors in my home.   So it was time to go and I was MORE THAN ready.     My hubby took our … [Read more...]

Is this you?

With over 150,000 followers on my social media sites, I meet many, many small business owners online daily who have amazing creative talents and a great service or product.... but their business has just stalled. They either can't figure out how to grow their small biz or they can't get past the mental roadblocks that are keeping their business stuck.  I get it.  I was there once too. But over the course of owning The Magic Brush for 15 years, … [Read more...]

Coming up!

I just finished my first mentorship group.  I had 86 a-mmmmmmmazing creative entrepreneurs in my first session.  I was humbled and more convinced than ever that most of the work we need to do as creative entrepreneurs is IN OUR HEADS.  Sure we need to do marketing and sales and paperwork, but it's when we do the HEAD WORK that we see shifts in our business. My next mentorship group starts next week!  You will get weekly video trainings from me … [Read more...]

How to make a baseball wreath for your front door

baseball front door wreath pinterest

  I am so thrilled that so many of you wanted to know how I made the baseball wreath that I took both on television and to the Home Show last week.  It was not a hard project, just took some time.  And many baseballs died on behalf of this project.  Just warning you cuz' it may hurt your heart a little.     First, I went to my beloved Hobby Lobby and got a wreath ring thing.  Did you see the video I made that … [Read more...]

Painted pantry handles in my new gray kitchen

hobby lobby cabinet handle after painting 2

Normally I am not a fan of painting your cabinet handles.  I just feel like the oils in your hands will eventually wear the paint off of your handles.  Especially on the cabinets where you keep your chocolate stash and Doritos bags.  Wait, it's just me? Anyway, painted handles normally scare me. So I kind of went against my own rules when I decided to buy these cabinet handles at Hobby Lobby recently. I was looking for a long skinny … [Read more...]