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Time sensitive!

So the internet was down on my block today.  And I was twitching a little bit!  Ok, I was twitching ALOT!  ha!  What a terrible feeling!  Man we have come to rely on technology so crazy much, haven't we? But I am back up and running tonight and I seriously cannot believe that the summer is 1/2 up already.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN .... says the mom who has now resorted to letting her kids use the neighborhood pool as daily bathing. #keepinitreal  … [Read more...]

Patriotic pallet flags …. with a twist!

pallet flag with grapevine wreath

I know, I know.... it's the week OF Independence Day!  But you STILL have time to make a pallet flag!  I pinkie swear that you can make one in just a few hours!     The biggest challenge is finding and preparing the pallets.  I always see them at grocery stores and home improvement stores, but they can't always give away their pallets away (unless you know the store owner.... then winner, winner, chicken dinner!).  So the … [Read more...]

The doors are now OPEN!

JA Dots FB Ad (2)

  Hey are you a furniture painter?  ETSY shop owner? Jewelry maker? Repurposer? Crafter?  A creative entrepreneur of some kind? If so, are you needing new ideas to get more work in the field?  Increase your profits? Navigate social media? Get more exposure for your work?  Those are the things all creative entrepreneurs are working for and I can help you to do those things! My brand new Inner Circle group opened TODAY!  This is a … [Read more...]

Perhaps the cutest lemonade stand ever (but I may be a little biased)

lemonade stand girls

A few years back we were hired to faux paint a client's laundry room walls. While working in her home, I noticed she had an awesome lemonade stand for her children in her garage.  It was so stinkin' cute and I tried HARD to get her to sell it to me, but she wouldn't (bless her)..... so I told my hubby I wanted us to make one.   We just finished it and it's cute as pie, but it took some work and rework to get it … [Read more...]

Stay in your lane….

Cars in motion blur on highway,Beijing China

Watch for details.    People often ask me about how I've built my business both online and in the field to the size it is.  They wonder if it's advertising?  Or luck? Or if I have a "secret" to success? And it makes me giggle because it's none of that.  Yes I advertise and yes I've been in the right place at the right time many times (like here), but what I think I have done all along....  the thing that has brought me more success … [Read more...]

Could you help a girl out?

Hey if you are a small business owner, I need your help for just a minute!  It's so important to me that as I am working on the next training program to release to my clients this month that I know exactly what NEEDS you have in your small business.  I have a short questionnaire that will take just a minute or two to check a few boxes.   Thank you in advance for your time and feedback!!! The survey is HERE. Blessings, Jennifer … [Read more...]

We DIY’d a marquee light out of a garage sale find!

marquee letter before

We've had so many questions about the huge "A" marquee light that I showed in the reveal of our rusty tin valance project.  That "A" is literally one of my favorite things in our house!  At night, it glows like jewelry in the room!  And it's such a whimsical mix next to that tin on that valance.  I love it!     We found the industrial sized letter at a garage sale last year,... when our baby girl was littler  (but still … [Read more...]

And the winners are….

The winners of the "In This House" stencil from The Mad Stencilist (using are: On Facebook, Marleno O'Day On Instagram, @Itsdebi1 And on the blog, Ashili Hanlan If you know any of these ladies, let them know they won! Thank you all for playing and stay tuned for another giveaway next week of canvas pictures!  Whoop! Whoop! Blessings, Jennifer   … [Read more...]