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Attention all small business owners/crafters/creatives… I need your help!

I am working diligently at mapping out my first coaching program for you.... the small business owner who needs a boost in business. You, the stay at home mom who is wanting to add income to her family.  You, the amazingly talented faux painter/furniture re-habber who is extremely talented.... but not making any money.  I want to help YOU! Could you take 2 minutes of your day to fill out this quick survey for me?  It will help me to better … [Read more...]

August 20th. A day I always remember with sadness, yet a grateful heart.

Today is August 20th, the day our first baby was due to be born. We were so excited to be pregnant!!! I had prayed for a reason to quit smoking (yes, me.) and 3 weeks later was suddenly pregnant!!! How's that for an answer to prayer! At my first doctor's appointment, the doctor suspected I may be pregnant with twins, so he ordered a sonogram at 9 weeks. Unfortunately, instead of seeing 1 or 2 ...heartbeats, there were none. The doctors gave us … [Read more...]

And then there was the time a girl pushed my son right off the playground equipment….


  So I can't get this story out of my mind. And usually that means until I blog about it, it's going to sit there..... bugging me like a strand of gray hair or a picture on my wall that I noticed is hung too high.  You understand. And so I write. And I hope you will be inspired. A few weeks ago, one of my best friends and I took our kids to a park here in Kansas City.  Gorgeous day.  5 kids needing to get some energy out.  It was … [Read more...]

And just like that, summer is over. “Over” deserves a sale.

I'm so sad my kiddos start back to school tomorrow.  Am I showing my age if I tell you that I remember when we used to start school after Labor Day and only go to Memorial Day?  Where has the time gone???? So I love, love, love having my babies home with me.  And it will take me  a week or so to get back to my "new normal" and then..... I'll start thinking PROJECT!!!!!  And I find that nearly every woman "thinks project" in the fall.  Kids are … [Read more...]

You still have time to make a Teacher Pail (a.k.a. “Brown Nosing Bucket”)


We have "Back to School Night" tonight!  So in typical "Jennifer style"..... I was making "teacher pails" for my kids new teachers....LAST NIGHT.  With just hours to spare.  Screeching in on 2 wheels.  I know some of you creatives can relate!  We work best last minute and under pressure.  EMBRACE IT if that's YOU! My friend Lynne is the mastermind behind this project and we used to get together every summer to make the pails.  Now, her kiddos … [Read more...]