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Tired of your bronze light fixtures yet?


    So lately I have been getting tired of some of my heavy looking, bronze colored chandeliers.  I still like the SHAPE of them, I just want to lighten them up.... both visually and how they feel in the room.   So I decided to paint this one which I think made my main man wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happier than me buying a new one and him having to take this one down and rewire another.  I remembered to take the … [Read more...]

Yes, we unplugged our kids (taking a break from the crazy train)

Feet Warming Near The Fireplace

(NOTE:  I've been sitting on this blog post for a few months.  I wrote it months ago and then chickened out on posting because I know I'll get some push back on it.  But I've talked to even more mommas lately whose hearts are aching to take their family nights back and for them, I will be brave and post.) So let me first start by saying, I love sports.  I grew up playing sports.  I love having my kids in extracurricular activities.  I am not … [Read more...]

A Facebook CELEBRATION!!!!

Like Thumbs Up

My Facebook page hit 100,000 fans last night.  100,000 FANS!!!!!!!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude!  100,000 people connecting, commenting, sharing, inspiring one another.  It really does feel like community and I really am so, soooooooo grateful.  I've always said I have the very best fans on Facebook and I absolutely believe that. What a blessing you are to me!!!!! In celebration, I've put all of my DIY videos at 40% off for you.  Use the … [Read more...]

My most productive work day this year

I want to tell you about my work day Friday.  It was my most productive work day of 2015 thusfar. I got up. I went to the gym. I had quiet time and prayer. I answered email for 15 minutes. I spent 3 hours at my kid's school. I went for a wog (a walk/jog) because the weather in Kansas City was ridiculous. I journaled. I listened to some great podcasts from Pastor Steven Furtick. I soaked in a bubble bath. I tried out my new … [Read more...]

January down time – time to get crap done

Slow Sign  Yellow Road Label Vector Illustration

  Can I type "crap" and still love Jesus?  I think I can. Ha. Every year in January, my business slows down some.  I used to freak out and think I was going under and stay awake with a tummy ache at night (so dramatic).  Until I got wise to the fact that after getting a good butt kicking every November and December (everyone wants their house painted before the holidays!), my January down time was actually r-e-f-r-e-s-h-i-n-g. I … [Read more...]

Big Announcement!

I have been working since the fall on my mentorship program!  And it is READDDDDDDDDDY for you! I can't wait! I am doing a 6 week long Inner Circle where you will be put in a private Facebook group (because you all know how much I love Facebook) and I will be giving you weekly video trainings (because you also know how much I love video!).  The topics we are covering are what I think are some of the most UNDER-talked about and yet … [Read more...]

Last chance….

You have just 24 hours to sign up for my "Making $ at Furniture Painting" webinar. We are live tomorrow night!  And remember, if you can't be on the call live.... no worries.  The recording will be emailed to you the next day to listen to. Also, I have received several messages from people who say they want to take the webinar but do not have the funds to do so.  Listen, I understand funds being tight, but if your furniture painting business … [Read more...]