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The doors are now OPEN!

Cabinets for Income Webinar

  The doors to my highly requested  "Cabinet Painting for a Business" tele-seminar are now open! I am so excited to share with you how I have successfully began and operated a highly profitable cabinet painting division of the Magic Brush.  The cabinet industry is so HOT as many people are choosing to update their home instead of moving.  And,  clients want their homes to look amazing before the holiday gatherings begin! This … [Read more...]

Well this is a great problem to have….

aimee edited ii

  Well according to my webinar coordinator, we've had such an amazing response to my upcoming "Making an Income from Cabinet Painting" webinar that I either have to cap the number of people I let in which leaves only 11 seats left.  Or, I have to open up more phone lines!!!!!  What an amazing problem to have!!!!! For those that are signed up, I can't wait to meet you in the class!!!! Friends, it doesn't matter if you like my style … [Read more...]

How I made my vintage book wreath …. with glitter of course


Last weekend a few of my girlfriends and I gathered to make vintage book wreaths. I had seen several on Pinterest and was itching to try it! Seriously friends.... this project is a lot of bang for your buck so to speak. It's not a ton of money or time and it's BIG!!!!!!  I like BIG!  So, I totally, totally recommend a girl's craft night to do this!  I made 2 in about 5 hours and it was worth every second!   We started with an old … [Read more...]

The fanciest, schmanciest pumpkins around


I'm seriously in love with this pumpkin.  It was so quick and so easy and it's just so....... FANCY.      My assistant Vicki (God bless her.  She was just off for 4 days and I went in to mourning) was out shopping for my pumpkin supplies and found these finials on clearance at Hobby Lobby.   I had originally planned on chevroning the pumpkin but then was in taping h-e-double l  with chevron tape, so ditched the … [Read more...]

It’s Black Friday…. a little early!


    I don't know that painting things BLACK will EVER be out of style.  It's so classic, so versatile and goes with so many decors!  We've been painting things black since the beginning of time with NO end in sight.  And for that reason, I've picked my "Distressed Black" DIY video for this week's Faux Friday sale.   Here is the deal with my black finish.  It's perfect in small doses like on a piece of … [Read more...]

Got ugly cabinets? I’ve got fixes.

IMG_5764 before after

    Hey friends, whether we like it or not.... the holidays are headed our way.  And.... more than likely, we are all going to have people IN our homes.   Are you ready for that?  Or do you still have some projects in your house that you wish you could get done before everyone gathers at your place?  There is still time! Overwhelmingly, the very #1 thing people complain to me about in their homes is their CABINETS.   And … [Read more...]

OMGosh. I can’t believe they just commented that…..

Ok, I know you've seen them.  The comments on Facebook that are just so..... rude.  Mean spirited.  Downright nasty.  I've almost come to expect it on news pages with hot topics like politics or blogs like the famous Matt Walch's. But more and more I am seeing hateful comments on decorating and painting sites.  "Creative" pages if you will.  And it makes me wonder when on earth did we decide it's ok to type whatever opinions come to our mind?  … [Read more...]