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When my personal worst WAS my personal best


  If you've followed my Facebook page or blog for any length of time, you'll know that I began doing triathlons 4 years ago for my 40th birthday present to myself.  I had to learn how to stick my head under water without plugging my nose.  It's been a big deal for me.  The Today Show even did this story on it.  Who gets to be on national television for their 40th birthday????  So much fun! So, this was my 4th year of swimming, biking … [Read more...]

It’s my BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYY! And the perfect trifecta!

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Someone told me the other day that they loved my attitude about my birthday. Ha! Well what is the other option really?  I have never understood people who complain and whine and dread their birthdays.  NOT having another birthday would pretty much stink.  So every chance I get to celebrate another year of life.... I'm in! The perfect trifecta is happening yesterday and today at the Magic Brush. Yep, today is my birthday. Yesterday..... my … [Read more...]

Real estate pictures are worth a 1000 words!!!

IMG_2926 MLS

  So our house is up for sale.  We haven't sold a house in over 11 years.  And apparently....this thing called "the internet" is where everyone is house shopping online???  Ha. Go figure. So, even though we knew people would be basing their viewing decisions on our link online, we still really didn't give a ton of thought to our pictures when we first listed the house.  We thought the pics were great.  The pillows on my bed were … [Read more...]

The ultimate conflict: kids are off for summer break and YOU work from home

Mother With Baby In Kitchen.

  Ok maybe "ultimate conflict" isn't the best choice of words. Maybe I should have called this "10 ways to get work done while your little people are home from school".   I know you love those amazing kiddos who call you mom or dad and I know you try to make the most out of every summer that they are home with you!  But seriously, is there anything much harder than working from home while your kiddos are home on summer break??? Every year I … [Read more...]

Let it go! Change your mind and you change your life!


  Friends.... life is too stinkin' short to get so irritated and bent out of shape over SMALL stuff! Maybe that person DIDN'T mean to steal your parking spot. Maybe your hubby DIDN'T mean to bite your head off. Maybe your mother in law DIDN'T mean to offend you (or, maybe she did.... ha!) But can we just show one another a little bit of grace? My goodness.... I mess up and offend people and say things wrong and snap at my … [Read more...]