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Before you head out for the weekend….

Memorial Day in USA - American flags arranged in rows outdoors

All of my DIY videos and business training webinars are 40% off thru Memorial Day! Happy Memorial Weekend to you! I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and family and bbq's and memories and gratitude and pool temps warm enough to dip in!  Amen! Before you head out for the weekend, I wanted to let you know that for the first time.... all of my DIY videos AND my webinars are 40% off thru Memorial Day.  You can find all of my painting … [Read more...]

We made a cornice board from old rusty tin panels!

topcoating tin panels

  I am over here doing a happy dance at how my rusted tin cornice board just turned out!!!!!  Rusted tin is my 2nd love language (right behind glitter).  It makes my heart beat fast.  And I know what you're thinking.... how can I love glitter AND rust at the same time????  IDK, I just do. This is my favorite room in our house right now because of all the differences in it.  I love the rust on the tin just as much as I love the more … [Read more...]

Oops! My bad!

Growing a Profitable Furniture Painting Business

I forgot to tell you all..... my faithful email readers, that my 2.5 hour long webinar for FURNITURE PAINTERS was 40% off last weekend!!!  I apologize!  That's a GREAT deal, so I have extended the sale... just for you.  You can get the recording of that webinar for 40% off right now with the code FURNITUREBIZ at checkout when you go here. I hosted this live webinar in the winter and it was a huge hit!!  I still have ladies emailing me success … [Read more...]

Use a Baseball Home Plate to Make a Front Door Decoration (ps… perfect for a Father’s Day gift!)

baseball front door decoration

I'm so in love with my new baseball front door decor! And by the looks of my Facebook page, so are you!  It's been one of my most popular posts being viewed over 158,000 times and shared over 1300 times already.   HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE??????   Thanks so much for sharing that like a jillion times!  You guys are amazing!!!   So let's get to the instructions.  This is SUPER easy.  It just takes some time to gather your … [Read more...]

Fancy schmancy garage sales signs that brought in the traffic!

garage sale signs

We had a neighborhood garage sale this weekend and I had tons and tons of things to sell as we continue to change our home over from the brown and gold palette to the grays and creams.  I needed big traffic to get rid of ALOT of brown things. So I decided to make fancy schmancy garage sale signs.  And they worked!  EVERYONE was talking about them! And it was one of our most profitable sales ever! They literally took minutes apiece but … [Read more...]

STILL don’t see the value of Pinterest for your business?


My web developer sent me my google analytics today for the month of April.  My referral numbers are so interesting that I HAVE to show you.  Look at line 2.  Pinterest!  My PINTEREST account is my 2nd leading referral source and sent 2,368 people to my website last month.  And I sell things on my website.  So Pinterest is sending me potential customers! Do you see the connection between Pinterest and business revenue?     I … [Read more...]

Ladies, THIS is why it feels so hard sometimes….

Dear female creative business owners, If you are discouraged with your business this morning, or feel stuck or confused or feel like you are hitting up against a brick wall, I want to share something with you. There is a very real enemy in this world who comes to steal, kill and destroy. And he hates women because we create LIFE. And he hates creative women because we create BEAUTY. And he hates creative business women because we … [Read more...]

10 creative container ideas …. for people who love the container more than the growing!

unique container toolbox

I did another local tv segment last week on "creative container ideas" for spring!  Let me just say that I am NOT a horticulturist. In fact, I'm almost CERTAIN that I have a black thumb, but I do LOVE creative ways to pot flowers. As I said on the program, if your flowers are in cute pots, people notice it LESS when they are dying.  Well maybe they don't, but it makes me feel better to think it. I showed 10 ideas of ways to plant flowers … [Read more...]