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If you’re looking to paint furniture…. the doors are now OPEN!

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  Oh my goodness!  I was overwhelmed by how many of you were on my "Cabinet Painting Webinar" last month and then continued to be overwhelmed by how many of you asked me for a "Furniture Painting Webinar".  Yahooo!!!!  I felt so honored!    So, I have been working for weeks to offer you guys something VALUABLE, something TANGIBLE to help you in being PROFITABLE in your painting furniture because here is the deal:  there are a LOT of … [Read more...]

What’s up with my Ebook anyway?

I've eluded a few times on Facebook to my e-book that is going to be released at any moment.  I wanted so badly for it to be ready by Black Friday, but I just couldn't rush it because it's just too important to me that it be RIGHT.  And so, it's still not done.  But it's close!!!!! Many of you have asked what it's about and first let me say that I am shocked at what I felt like my first e-book was to be about.  Several months ago, this had NOT … [Read more...]

Some thoughts about your Christmas mantel and how EXACTLY is mantel spelled anyway?


    I {heart} decorating for the holidays!  So much glitter and shiny stuff and pretty colors and it's just my lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve language. This year is a little different for us as our house is for sale. And just whatever about that.  Lol.  So, I've had to scale down my decor and "vanilla-ize" everything.  But I still tried to add a little glitz to my fireplace anyway and at glows. I know that holiday decorating … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday Sale and My Un-scientific Study revealed

1-Cheryl's table

My own un-scientific, yet very intuitive, studies have shown that people are willing to paint their own cabinets and their own walls and their own furniture if they have 3 things: 1) a little bit of guts 2) a little bit of instruction 3) a little bit of encouragement  And they are always SHOCKED by how well it goes! Seriously, I get email after email from people who have purchased my videos who say things like "I've never painted anything, … [Read more...]

It’s Small Business Saturday and MY small business changed our family

Small Business Saturday - file cabinet label, bronze holder agai

  I can remember when my husband and I were thinking of starting a family.  I was working full-time as a software developer and we just couldn't figure out how to get me down to part-time or how to get me working from home so that I could be home with our kids.  My full-time desk job just did not fit into the picture we had for raising a family. Thankfully, I was laid off from that full-time job that I hated. Thankfully, I decided … [Read more...]

My biggest sale of the year starts NOW


    The turkey is gone. The dishes are put away. You've got your baggy clothes on and Black Friday is just hours away.  Now....what do you order??? Well, let me help you out.  Consider giving YOURSELF the gift of EDUCATION this year.  Consider INVESTING in your business.  Consider putting some of your holiday budget towards YOUR FUTURE this year.  Those are gifts that just keep giving!  And to get you … [Read more...]

On Ferguson and other things I know nothing about…..

I've stopped and started about 10 postings about Ferguson, MO (the state where I live) this morning. And I've erased every one. But, as my kids left for school yesterday and saw the tv reporting about Ferguson, one of my kids asked me "mom, will the looters attack our school?" And my heart just sank. I wanted to scoop him up and sit him on my lap and keep him home from school and tell him it will all be ok. We MUST leave this world a better … [Read more...]