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Tonight is the night!

Hey, you only have 3 more hours to sign up....  my "Pinterest.... on Purpose" webinar is tonight.  If you can't be on LIVE tonight, no worries.  Buy a "seat" anyway and the 2 hour recording will be sent to you tomorrow.  The price WILL go up for JUST the recording after tonight, so don't delay.  This will be the best $47 you have spent on growing your business in a long time. See you on the call soon!  I can't wait to teach you how to grow … [Read more...]

Did you miss this?

I hope you did not miss my sign up for the Pinterest webinar tomorrow evening.  We start at 6:00 pm cst and if you are a small business owner, Etsy shop owner or seller of anything online .... you need to be there!  If you can't be on the live call, no worries.... a recording will be sent to you within 24 hours. I have heard talk that Pinterest may be implementing a "buy it now" button on their site before the end of the year.  This, my … [Read more...]

The countdown is on….

Pinterest on Purpose Webinar

We are just 5 days away from my Pinterest training class.  If you are a small business owner, especially a creative business owner, I encourage you to get your "seat" now!  Lord knows we've all probably spent worse money on our businesses. Ha! If you were on my cabinet painting webinar, or my furniture painting webinar, you know these classes are PACKED with useful information. Here are a few questions I've recently been asked: Never … [Read more...]

When a painter is picking a new paint color….

gray paint colors

  Around Christmas time of this year, I decided I was over all of the gold paint in my house.  And by "over it", I mean..... I wanted it gone like yesterday. So I decided I wanted to repaint the walls in all of the common rooms of my house. But wall color is REALLY a big deal to me.  Like REALLY important.  I gotta have colors on my walls that I feel good in and that I love.  I can't be "kinda" in love with my walls. I need to … [Read more...]

My saddest St. Patrick’s Day parade and how it freed me


  It was St. Patrick's Day, 1999.  Doesn't that just sound like eons ago?  And yet, I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was my first day at a new job.  I had been hired at an "up and coming" telecommunications company as a software developer.  They had offered me a generous salary.  And a pager (back then that was the and a little security card that I had to swipe to get into my department.   I felt semi-important … [Read more...]

I have my own Big 12!

My hubby is in watching Big 12 basketball on tv.  I barely know what the Big 12 even is, but I was thinking my DIY videos are on sale right now.  And that's kind of like the Big 12 .... for creative people. Except I have 15 videos.  So, it would actually be the "Big 15".  But, it's close, right? Anyway, spring is the PERFECT time to start a painting project.  If you've been considering fauxing your bathroom walls or garage doors or kitchen … [Read more...]

An encouragement for mothers

Yesterday, I went to my favorite running park to get a jog in. Yes, it was my second workout of the day (I have only two things to say about that. #1) Cadbury eggs. #2) I am meeting The Magnolia Mom next week. You ladies get me?) Anyhoo, so as I was jogging along, I suddenly felt my heart just achinggggggg to have my kids with me. Just two years ago, Ava came to this park with me often. I would push her in a stroller while I worked out. You … [Read more...]

Did you miss this?

JA Pinterest Facebook Ad

Hopefully you saw my email last week about my new Pinterest class.  If not, the info is here. I will be discussing the keys to setting up your Pinterest account to drive massive, targeted traffic to your website and SELL your art, your craft, your furniture, your services using Pinterest! If you feel like you were late getting on the Facebook bandwagon, do not miss the Pinterest bandwagon too!  Sign up information is here. See you the … [Read more...]