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Baseball Curtain Rod Finials

    Mr. Magic and I recently, by pure accident, came up with the idea to use a real baseball as a curtain rod finial in our son's bedroom remodel.  We have been working on updating his walls and bedding which mean his curtains needed switched out too.   This was his old curtain rod and curtains. See how there is a blue ball finial on the ends of the rod?  Well somehow, by complete accident.... one of those blue … [Read more...]

Our Kia experience in California!

  We spent all of last week exploring southern California as a family. It was an incredible adventure and we were so blessed to get to go! We colloborated with Kia again this year for our rental car on vacation. They were such rockstars when we vacationed in Florida last year that I was eager to work with them again on the west coast. And again.... they did not disappoint! Their customer service is … [Read more...]

Bored Buckets – a summer rescue

It's that time of the summer when the wheels are starting to fall off the summer vacation bus. The newness of the pool is over. The heat and humidity in Kansas City are sucking the very life out of us. The kids are tired of one another. And probably of me. Lol. And this is the time of year I start to hear "I'm bored" from our youngest kiddo. So we made...... a "BORED BUCKET".  With a different idea on every paint … [Read more...]

Painting Cabinet Handles with Rub and Buff

Last week I was in my favorite store, the Hobbily Lobbily as our 8 year old calls it, and I was purchasing "Rub and Buff" to paint some cabinet handles. I mentioned it on my Facebook LIVE video and so many of you asked about it that I decided to make you a quick tutorial. This stuff is soooooooooooooooooo easy to work with you guys!!!! Watch!!!!!     See?  Easy breezy.     Rub and Buff comes in a variety … [Read more...]

Make a quick and easy 4th of July centerpiece for your table!

I just finished a new 4th of July table centerpiece. Since I have been in the middle of a serious moss-covering binge, it was time for something different.   So I decided to decoupage some styrofoam balls! This is a super quick, easy, inexpensive project!   First, you need some patriotic napkins. Miss Vicki found these for me at TJ Maxx.   Then, some styrofoam balls. I got these at Hobby Lobby. … [Read more...]

An update on our breakfast room transformation

We are still working hard at transforming our home from an old-world, gold vibe to a more farmhouse glam, gray palette. And changing color palettes and styles means EVERYTHING has to be changed. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  Take my advice if you are thinking of changing color palettes. Just move. Move my friends. Save your souls and just start over. Lol. This was our breakfast area a little over a year ago.  The walls were heavily textured in … [Read more...]

Don’t make your own word stencils! Get my top stencil secret here!

It's no secret that I love using stencils. I love word stencils, pattern stencils, all over stencils, furniture name it! And the question I get over and over about my stenciling projects is "Jennifer how do your word stencils look so perfect?" Well, I never make my own stencils.... I have a stencil secret! I have been ordering all of my word stencils from The Mad Stencilist for years and years and years. Like over 12 … [Read more...]

Moss monogram letter: DIY instructions

  I have got a slight moss obsession going on right now. Ever since I made this moss covered mannequin.... I just can't quit. Nothing is safe in my home. Last week I made this monogram for my front door and I want to give you the quick instructions!     This was a door hanging that I got from Hobby Lobby many moons ago. Look close, you can see how the ring around the "A" is broken in 2 spots. #kids . God … [Read more...]

Front door decor ideas for spring and summer

By popular demand, I have put together several ideas for your front door decor for spring and summer.   I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration to liven up your own front door. Remember, the front door is the first thing your guests see. Plus, you see it every day when you come home. Your family sees it every day when they come home. The front door of your home should be a reflection of your family, your life and  how the inside of the … [Read more...]

My new gray, patterned stair carpet

Well we are still working hard to change our home over from a color palette of browns, reds and golds to the calming grays, blues and creams. Let me tell you my friends, it MAY have been easier to move. Lol. One change demands another, demands another, demands another. If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will know that last year I blogged HERE about ditching our gold walls for Sherwin Williams Ellie Gray. A warm blue-gray that I … [Read more...]

Last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Are you scrambling for some last minute gift ideas for mom that are CREATIVE and ORIGINAL? Me too! I have a few quick ideas for you. Just click on any link idea for the full tutorial!   You could make mom a chalkboard for her house out of an old thrift store picture       You could buy her some flowers and plant them in a non-traditional pot for her ( I have 10 non traditional ideas on that … [Read more...]

How to paint crushed VELVET fabric on your furniture (and keep it feeling soft!!!)

  Did you know you can paint velvet fabric?  Yes, paint it.  Check out the blue side of this chair which is PAINT!  Looks like a totally new piece of furniture, doesn't it???  And the best part is..... IT STAYS SOFT!!!!!  It still FEELS soft like velvet instead of feeling a little harder like patio furniture. Basically you are "dying" the fabric on this technique so instead of the paint sitting ON TOP of the fabric (and drying … [Read more...]

Naturally curly hair : my routine and products

The fact that you all want to know how I do my hair just cracks me up. You know I basically just blowdry and backcomb like it's 1989, right???  lol.  You all make this big hair wearin' girl feel good!!!! xoxoxoooooooooo Because we do get so many emails and comments asking about products and tools, I thought I would write a blog post for you.... complete with weird, awkward, non- professional videos!  If you can actually sit these videos, you … [Read more...]

The creative mind: You are not a spaz. Or a mess. And you do NOT need “to get it together”.

I am fascinated by how the minds of creative people work.  It is a fascinating mixture of endless ideas and crazy passion and project brilliance and often frustration. I find that so often creative people feel isolated and "weird". Creatives tend to feel like they often don't fit in because other people just do not understand HOW they are wired and why they behave the unorganized way they do. I began years ago to observe highly creative … [Read more...]

When you are just so overwhelmed by social media…..

So many of you creative entrepreneurs are frustrated with social media. You don't know what to post, when to post or why your posts aren't being seen. You're not sure if you should pay to boost things or give up on Twitter or even try to add Instagram into the mix????  Plus you feel like you just figure out one social media and then ANOTHER pops up. Am I right?? I get it. Social media can be overwhelming and all-consuming unless you have some … [Read more...]

Paint chip mannequin art

I recently finished a fun and easy project made out of 3 paint decks from Sherwin Williams. Sorry Sherwin Williams but I was looking for a creative way to bring people into our booth at the Home Show  that I speak at every year. I had a crazy vision of making a life size mannequin covered in paint swatches. I had no idea how to do it, so it was a little trial and error.     I first started by ordering a short petticoat … [Read more...]

Yes, leather paint is a thing

  I bought this leather recliner off of Craigslist a few weeks ago just to show you all a new leather paint.  Yep, that's right.  A leather PAINT.  How many of you have leather furniture that looks just like this..... worn out in the butt area and faded where the sun hits it??  Notice also that the headrest area wasn't faded.... just the rest of it. The chair was a mess.       I literally ran a line of … [Read more...]

Now they carry shoes and my shopping life is made.

You guys know I love Stitchfix!!! I have used their program for 11 months to get new clothes hand selected and delivered to my doorstep.  I love clothes, but I hate to shop. Like I HATE TO SHOP. I know, you want to take my girl card, but it's true. Who has time to shop?????  (this post does contain affiliate links so I may make a small commission off of your purchase which allows me to continue inspiring you with ideas. I only advertise … [Read more...]

Bold green dresser makeover with decoupage drawers

  We just finished painting what may go down as one of my favorite furniture pieces of all time.  Mr Magic picked up this ornate buffet  (my friend Paula says it's a "Mediterranean dresser "--- I have no idea, I just paint stuff!!!) - at a thrift store for me awhile back.     It was a bit of a wreck but I was obsessed with the curvy detail and the chunky handles and couldn't wait to paint … [Read more...]

Who wants to see Chip & Jo? (I have FRONT ROW tickets to giveaway!!!)

So unless you are totally living under a decorating rock somewhere, you know who Chip and Joanna Gaines are. Their television show is the hottest thing to hit HGTV since Hilde Santo-Tomas stapled 7000 flowers to bathroom walls.  REMEMBER THAT EPISODE?  #forthelove Anyway, I am speaking again this year at the Greater Kansas City Home Show March 18-20.... and Chip and Jo are the headliners!  Their VIP tickets sold out in less than a minute, but … [Read more...]

Kitchen backsplash: Carrera arabesque + subway

We just finished putting in a new kitchen backsplash and I couldn't love it more.  We went with a combination of mostly Carrera marble in an arabesque pattern with a little twist on traditional subway tile laying it in a herringbone pattern behind the stove.  I grin every time I look at it.     I have to tell you, I think tile backsplashes are one of the most overlooked, yet one of the most important elements in a pretty … [Read more...]

Update your fireplace brass trim and outdated fireplace tile

You guys. It's 2016. If you still have this brass on the front of your fireplace, well our friendship is in serious trouble.  It is a 15 minute project to paint the fireplace brass trim  ..... depending on how many times you check your phone and take pottie breaks.  You can paint this thing. And you can paint it quickly. I'm going to walk you through it!       This is the only thing you may have to go buy.  It's … [Read more...]

Home Show: Chip & Jo. The Treehouse Master. And I. Oh my!

  Like everyone else in America, I love Chip and Joanna Gaines..... the Fixer Upper phenoms.  Designer extraordinaires. Eater of bugs (did you see that episode??).  And maker of all homes pretty.  The whole wide world is in love with them.  And having met them on 3 occasions now, I can assure you they are just as adorable in person as you think they are. I pinkie swear.   I spoke at the Greater Kansas City Home Show last … [Read more...]

Silestone countertops and lowering the bar – our kitchen remodel

We recently had new Silestone countertops installed in our kitchen and I am so excited to show them to you all! We waited a long, long time for these and I am thrilled with how our kitchen remodel is coming along!  We lowered our kitchen bar as well and I'm obsessed!   First, let me show you a picture of the new space with our Silestone countertops.  It is so much lighter and brighter than how it looked a few months ago with the … [Read more...]

Navy Superhero Dresser — Decoupage Furniture

Hey painting, decorating, diy'ing friends!!!   I've gotten some questions about the "Navy Superhero Dresser" that I painted for my online B.Y.O.B(rush) party. A few of you just want to know the colors on this superhero dresser that I painted for my son.   I will admit..... the makeover was a good one!!!!!!   The following are my Heirloom Traditions affiliate links for the colors. Yes, I may get a small commission for … [Read more...]

A love note to Mommas of small kiddos who are working from home….

  Dear Mommas of small kiddos: I just want to just encourage you today. I can remember just a few short years ago when I was feeling like I would NEVER be able to focus totally on my business. I had this amazing business potential, but we had 3 precious small kiddos in 6 years.  And my conviction was that I needed to stay at home with them as much as possible. I wanted to paint and create, but I also wanted to be home. I wanted to … [Read more...]

8 things you need to know before putting a FARMHOUSE SINK in your kitchen

We just had a farmhouse sink put into our kitchen and I am absolutely obsessed!!!! It is the prettiest, deepest, hugest thing ever and I couldn't be happier with it! I researched a ton of farm sinks and this particular one got great reviews and wasn't ridiculously priced.  You can find my affiliate link for this sink HERE: KOHLER Kitchen Whitehaven Sink This particular one is sold online and not in stores.  It has completely changed the … [Read more...]

Does your spouse support your business dreams? (and what to do if they don’t!)

(I posted this on my Facebook page this week and was shocked at the response!!! I thought it may bless some of you here as well!) This guy. "Mr. Magic". My biggest support. My gift from God. I gotta tell you what he did for me.   I am in the middle of writing my first book. And it's hard. Muuuuuuuch harder than I anticipated. And I have been freaking out that I'm not going to meet my publishing deadline. So I kind of unloaded on him this week. I … [Read more...]

Need to clean paint brushes with dried paint on them??? I have the fix for you!!!!

    So last week I finished painting this buffet for my Paint Finish of the Month Club.  And in typical #hotmess fashion, I was so excited to get the piece put back together and get the top decorated that I failed to wash my paint brushes out right away. Dang the luck.  Someone please tell me they do this too????     This was just 2 of the mannnnnnnny brushes that I let harden overnight. Oops.  And I … [Read more...]

I know you were doubting me (but check out my buffet now!)

  I know that the idea of me painting this buffet hit some of you straight in the gut.  I got tons of Facebook comments telling me I was "ruining perfectly good wood" and "someone worked hard to build that buffet" and "not all things should be painted".  God bless it.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I couldn't look at that buffet  Some of you DIY'ers KNOW that feeling. And for the record, it wasn't … [Read more...]

Stitchfix delivery #8 – clothing for everyday, TV and videos

  If you have followed my Facebook page for any length of time, you know that I'm a huge supporter of Stitchfix, the clothing delivery service for people who love clothes but hate to shop.... AND THAT'S TOTALLY ME. (this cold shoulder shirt and my jeans are Stitchfix in this photo).     However I do want new clothes often because I do things in my business like be a regular guest on Fox 4 News in Kansas … [Read more...]

How to make a ginormously huge chalkboard for your home!

We finally, finally got my huge, oversized chalkboard framed and done.  This was one of those little projects that just kept going.... for like 2 months!  We just couldn't seem to make time to finish it.  But.... it's done and I couldn't be happier.  Please pretend not to notice that we still have a mistletoe hanging. Because we forgot it up there.  And we are too lazy to get a chair out to get it down.  So it may stay up thru Easter. ;) … [Read more...]

I will teach you a new paint finish EVERY MONTH!!!

  We had such a great time in my online painting party last month that we came up with a way for me teach you all a DIFFERENT paint finish EVERY MONTH!  My Paint Finish of the Month club is now OPEN for registration.  It's a monthly membership for only $27 a month.  Small beans y'all.  And the best part is it's all ONLINE.  You get to watch my videos in your jammies, drinking coffee.  Perfect. We will be putting all of you who sign up … [Read more...]

The way I start every new year……

I am obsessed with the week between Christmas and New Years.  I don't work that week.  Days run into one another.  I become a complete sloth consuming nothing but movies and junk food and friends and family.  It's hard to say if my hair even gets washed?  It's my favorite week ever. And I always spend time during that week to reflect on my past year, both as a person and a business owner. By nature, I am a total goal setter.  It's just part of … [Read more...]

My Top 10 project FAILURES and FLOPS of 2015

I'm seeing all these "Top 10 projects of 2015"  articles from so many talented bloggers right now and I'm all over here like..... well, I think I DID make a few pretty things last year.  Lol. Without a doubt, 2015 was an amazing year for The Magic Brush and I.  I got to travel to Belize to bid a painting job that I will be painting this fall.  I got to speak at the Kansas City Home Show and see Chip and Joanna Gaines twice this year.  I became … [Read more...]

Find a Christmas lantern on clearance and decorate it for winter!

    I recently decorated this lantern for a fundraising auction.  It was for Christmas, but take out the reindeer and the Christmas balls and it's a gorgeous winter decoration.  Imagine 2 of them on your fireplace mantel! And if you go to a craft store now, you can find a Christmas lantern on clearance and decorate it for winter! Lantern decorating is a fun way to take something that is cute and make it … [Read more...]

What do having a baby, buying a dog and starting a business all have in common???

I remember distinctly when we had our first baby. In my mind I had envisioned this newborn baby as all Kodak moments. Rocking sweetly. Cuddling.  I had no idea that our first baby would be colicky, that he would not nurse well, that we would have to supplement with bottles, that he would be lactose intolerant, that he would cry endlessly for no reason for weeks on end. My Kodak moments were completely replaced with reality. And the reality was my … [Read more...]

They really don’t need another sweater…..

  OMGoodness. I can't believe Christmas is in 2 days!  Anyone else NOT DONE SHOPPING??? There are probably some people on your Christmas list who you still need to shop for who already have everything, or are super picky or are just flat out hard to buy for.  Instead of buying them another sweater that they probably will not like anyway, buy them something that they won't shove in a drawer or re-gift. Buy them a video on how to … [Read more...]

When you won’t have people over for the holiday because you’re embarrassed about your HOME…..

Listen, I talk to ALOT of you about your homes. I meet you in person. I talk to you on Twitter. You comment on Facebook.  I  know many of you are just not happy with how your home looks.  Newsflash: I'm not either.  My house is a hotmess right now.  My kitchen is under construction. I hate the way we painted my dining room walls.  I don't want to keep my breakfast table for even another half a second.  I can't even find the bottom of the hall … [Read more...]

How my 14 year old son changed my business forever

14 years ago today, our son Noah was born and made me a mother.   Life has never ever been the same.  I had no idea the sheer joy that motherhood would bring. At the time we had Noah, I had only had my Magic Brush painting business for a little over a year. During that time, I had landed several prestigious home builders in the area and several high-end home designers.  I  had a ton of work, but now.... we also had a baby.  And he was … [Read more...]

Joy to the World Christmas pallet project

  I finished my JOY to the World Christmas pallet project for my front steps!!!!  I'm obsessed with the word JOY.  "The JOY of the Lord is my strength" says Nehemiah 8:10.  Joy is a choice.  And I want to be covered in it!  LITERALLY. **Note this post does contain affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for any products you order thru this post.   I used my new favorite red paint color.... Engine No. 9 to … [Read more...]

If you don’t have a good website, how can you make money while you sleep????

I was watching the news reports last week about the results of the Black Friday sales and several of the headlines stood out at me.  Headlines like "More shoppers opt for online sales than in stores". I read articles like this one from which are basically saying IN STORE sales lagged this year while the whole world went crazy online.  14.3% more sales ONLINE on Thanksgiving, even while the stores were opening earlier and earlier.  People … [Read more...]

Easy JOY barnwood sign for Christmas

This painted barnwood sign is such an easy DIY project but yet I get many questions about it that I thought I would write another post on it for you! EASY JOY BARN WOOD SIGN FOR CHRISTMAS   I have no idea where I got that old piece of barnwood. But it was short and squatty and seemed perfect for the bold JOY word that I wanted on my front steps.  "JOY" was my word of the year  in 2014 so it seemed fitting. I used a red paint … [Read more...]

My Homemade Boxwood wreath – what worked and what didn’t

  I shared my newly made boxwood wreath with you all on my Facebook page.  I wanted to order 3 of these online but I just could not justify the steep cost  (almost $100 each) especially when I have boxwood bushes growing in the front of my house!!! I needed to make my own boxwood wreath.       My bushes all looked a little mangy and wild and needed trimmed anyway, so I was curious if I could make one and if … [Read more...]

A LAST MINUTE Thanksgiving table idea that is disposable!

  I know there are virtually NO MINUTES LEFT until the holidays.  But the good news is that these table ideas are quick, easy and 90% disposable when you are done eating on Thanksgiving day!  It LOOKS fancy, but you are able to pitch most of it! The reason I like disposable is because there is nothing worse than cooking for hours. Then eating for 20 minutes.  And then spending hours back in the kitchen cleaning up. Especially while … [Read more...]

PAINTING FABRIC???? Oh yes, you can!

    I have been just itching to blog about this project for you.  I just PAINTED a fabric footstool. Yes, I PAINTED the fabric.  I tried painting fabric a few years ago with a homemade concoction and was pretty disappointed in how stiff the fabric became, so I was anxious to try this new product.     The FAB product from Heirloom Traditions is the "primer" if you will. This goes on right over the old … [Read more...]

A Thanksgiving table arrangement

. Continuing in my quest to keep every single pumpkin grower in America employed, I made ANOTHER pumpkin project this year. Here's my gorgeous Thanksgiving table arrangement. Every single thing I'm obsessed with is piled into this dough bowl: Pumpkins. Glitter. Vine-y, twiggy things from a decorating store. Hedgeapples (or osage oranges or brains  or horse apples depending on where you are from). They are everywhere on the ground … [Read more...]

It’s my last FALL pallet project! I pinkie swear this time!

I did it. I made another fall pallet. I couldn't help myself. I know I already made this one and this one,  but I was itching to make a CANDY CORN inspired fall pallet for my pallet painting party! I want to tell you how I did it! **Note this post does contain some affiliate links and I may receive a small commission for any order you do for the products.  You will not pay any extra! =) First, I painted the pallet in a black. I had some … [Read more...]

PAINT that OLD curtain rod- an easy DIY!!

I just got done painting a curtain rod at my house and I'm so obsessed with how it turned out that I'm getting ready to do a cabinet in the same finish.  Boom!     I was going to purchase a curtain rod that looked like this..... flat black with white accents.  Pretty.     But I had THIS curtain rod in the basement and it was the perfect size and it seemed a shame to just dump it for a new one.  So I … [Read more...]

Over the top, pink fall decor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  Last year, one of my clients turned friends (I call them a "cli-end" or a "fr-ient"..... don't you love it when that happens???) asked me to make a fall/pumpkin display for a Breast Cancer Awareness project in our Kansas City area. I was honored to come up with these pink pumpkins and think that this was one of the most fun displays I have ever made! And for such an honorable cause! For all of my pumpkin displays, I always use … [Read more...]

“Always Give Thanks” fall pallet

  This fall pallet has my whole heart right now.  I'm obsessed with this "Shirley's Pumpkin" color that I used on it.  Like I want to redo my fall decor this color. You can find the Shirley's Pumpkin color  HERE . And if you use my coupon code MAGICBRUSH you will get 10% off of your order! =) So I painted the entire  fall pallet in it and let it dry overnight. Then I glazed over the paint with a gel stain just … [Read more...]

Baseball front porch decor

The Kansas City Royals, my hometown baseball team, is in the ALCS playoffs. So in support of them, I decorated our front porch in a "Be Royal" theme. Obviously this could be adapted to any baseball team or to any sport but this is my baseball front porch decor for fall! First I painted an old piece of barn wood in Sherwin … [Read more...]

HARVEST Barnwood sign for fall – my pin that is going VIRAL on Pinterest!

  This Harvest Sign is such a quick, easy burst of fall color for your front steps! Partner it with some mums and pumpkins and.... boom. Fall front porch decor = D.U.N. (yes, I know how to spell)!     One of the most challenging parts of the project is finding the barnwood. Check Craigslist. Check with friends who live on farms. Check in vintage and antique stores! I got mine from a local pumpkin patch who was … [Read more...]

Duct tape pumpkins (for princesses like myself)

  I have been labeled "the pumpkin queen" (hey we all need a title). And while that may be true, I'm a pumpkin primadonna. I HATE CARVING.  Carving = getting my hands yucky and princesses don't have yucky hands. So I've come up with tons of ways just to decorate my pumpkins. This duct tape pumpkin is a huge hit with my BOYS because they think everything is better with duct tape!   First, you need to find a small pumpkin … [Read more...]

For my Kansas City peeps (or girls who like to travel!)

  Kansas City friends I am so, so excited to be hosting a PALLET PAINTING PARTY!  So many of you had problems finding pallets and you were struggling to break them down and rebuild them. I get it.... it's hard, dirty work!  So since it was a hassle, we just decided to do it for you!!!!!  Yahooooo! So, my pallet party includes your "ready to paint" pallet.  I've already tracked down the pallets for you.  Mr Magic is breaking them … [Read more...]

No, for real this time….

  How many of you are hoping to get some projects around your house DONE before the holidays? I know I am!   And brace yourself because I'm going to let you know that there are only 51 days until Thanksgiving. 51 days..... Wowza! We only have 51 days to get our homes in order! To help us all get something done, I am hosting an ONLINE furniture painting class that starts in 2 weeks.  It's a 4 week class where I take you thru painting a … [Read more...]

An OMBRE Painted Pallet Project for Fall

I am convinced that painted pallet projects for your front porch are one of the easiest, cheapest ways to add a ton of color to your home and make a huge statement!  I had made a patriotic pallet flag project for the 4th of July that you can see here.  I was a little sad when I took it down, so I decided to do a new pallet project just for FALL. And this time it would be a gorgeous ombre painted pallet.     I started with a … [Read more...]

A Captain America Pumpkin (for my favorite little superhero)

One of our sons is OBSESSED with superheroes. And I am OBSESSED with painting pumpkins. So when he asked me to paint him a  "superhero pumpkin", I was excited!       I don't like to hand paint much, so I was looking for the super hero with the EASIEST emblem that I could stencil. And what is easier than circles, right? So I picked Captain America! I used one of his t-shirts as a guide on how to paint … [Read more...]

Yeah, I’m pretty much addicted.

  Hello, my name is Jennifer Allwood. I'm addicted to coffee creamer. And glitter. And Periscope. If you haven't heard of Periscope yet, it's the live video app from Twitter.  If you're on Twitter, you can get onto Periscope (and if you don't follow me on Twitter, you can find me HERE).  Periscope is only for your cell phone, not your PC and it is taking the social media world by storrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm.  It's equivalent to … [Read more...]

The HAPPIEST DIY office curtains in the world…. made by the girl who CAN’T SEW

So I have been looking at FINALLY putting up DIY curtains in my office. I haven't seen any premade curtains in stores that I love, so I've been searching on Etsy.  I stumbled across some in a fabric by Waverly named "Santa Maria Desert Flower" and I dug them. They made me super happy but they were a little pricey, so I held off on buying them. Then I saw my friend Lori from Vintage Charm Restored do a post that Hobby Lobby had that same fabric … [Read more...]

Fishnet Pumpkins: Hands down, the EASIEST way to decorate a pumpkin…..ever. Like ever, ever!

    I know it is barely September, but I can barely contain my pumpkin ideas.  You know I've been called the queen of pumpkin decorating, right?  Lol. So this is the first one I am going to show you this season.  This will give you plenty of time to buy what you need when you are out at Walmart or Target.  And if you are looking for an easy pumpkin decorating idea and I mean eassssssssssssssssy......  with no carving, no painting.... … [Read more...]

Our first ever…. DECOR SWAP Party!

So last week my friend Samantha and I hosted our first ever "decor swap" party.  It was a ton of fun and we learned a lot from it! I'm going to share with you what we did and what we would do different NEXT TIME so that YOU can get some ideas for you and your friends for a decor swap! Here is how it worked: a few weeks ago we sent out an evite to the group of girls we wanted to come to our decor swap party. Know that the more people come, the … [Read more...]

Need some motivation on that fall project?

  Fall if my favorite time to do house projects because I'm in total nesting mode for the holidays!!!!  It's also the best time of year to do the projects that require less humidity (cabinets and garage doors).  And, you can open windows.  Have a paint party.  Paint during football games, etc! So in honor of Labor Day and the fact that fall is on the horizon, all of my DIY videos are 40% off thru the Labor Day weekend.  That makes each … [Read more...]

My fascination with StitchFix – the clothing delivery for women who LOVE clothes but HATE shopping!

  If you follow my Facebook page you’ll know that I’m totally obsessed with Stitch Fix! I’ve been doing videos and posting outfits and I know many of you already knew about this service but apparently I was living under a rock????  You guys need to tell me about these things sooner! We are friends, remember???     So for those of you who still are not aware of what Stitch Fix is (God bless it, let me inform … [Read more...]

WOW! You all freaked out over this island!

Last week I posted a few pictures of this island that the Magic Brush girls were working on to my Facebook page and you all went ga-ga! I know.  They did an amazing job on this island, didn't they?   This finish is the same one we do over and over and over, BUT normally we glaze in clean lines. On this particular project, my client wanted us to really make the piece look old.  It made my heart skip because I LOVE making things look … [Read more...]

My bath curtain. My bronze truffle cabinets. My lack of sewing skills.

  On Monday I blogged about the new bath caddy that the amazing Mr. Magic made for me.  It's gorgeous and perfect and ONLY LOOKS THAT GOOD WHEN I HAVE IT STAGED FOR PICTURES.  Lol.  The rest of the time I am wrangling Ava's toys off of it (have you seen the Ken and Barbie pictures??). Many of you asked questions about how we hung the fabric curtain, so I posted this picture on my business Facebook page:     (photo … [Read more...]

Bath CADDY? Bath SHELF? Bath TRAY? Toy holder??????

A while back I mentioned to Mr. Magic that I would LOVE to have a bath caddy or bath tray made to go over our bathtub.  Because he is amazing at interpreting my "hints" as what they really are.... "requests", he made it happen.  But I was a little shocked at how!  He may be genius!  I should marry that man.   He came home one day with this kitchen cutting board (butcher block) that he got from a local Restore in Kansas City.  It … [Read more...]

How to make a chalkboard from an old thrift store print (easy gift idea!)

  I'm going to show you how to make a chalkboard from an old framed print. I recently painted this turquoise chalkboard as giveaway for a friend for the Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association.  Most of you know my hubby and I tried for 4 years to adopt from foster care so I was HONORED to make a chalkboard for them to auction off! Chalkboards like this one are quick, easy and a GREAT gift idea (think birthday, Christmas, going to … [Read more...]

Dear teachers: they didn’t read much.

  Summer is winding down.  We are literally days away from our 3 kiddos starting their new school year. And all the sudden, I'm feeling the end of summer scramble coming on.  How can we squeeze out one more trip to the pool?  One last trip out of town?  One last sleep over?  One last book?  Oh wait.  I forgot.... my kids don't like to read.  And it pains me.  As an avid reader, I want them to LOVE reading. And yet, they don't. So, I … [Read more...]

Teacher gift idea that ensures a passing grade

Every year I make my elementary school teachers a "paint pail".  We also refer to it in our house as a "brown nosing bucket".  I've made a back-to-school teacher gift every year since my friend Lynne first showed me how 8 years ago.  And all my kids and her kids have passed every year.  Coincidence?  I think not. Lol. These teacher gifts are super easy to make. To Make a Teacher Gift You need: an empty paint can (Lowes, Home … [Read more...]

How to PAINT kitchen tile

I am in love with our newly painted kitchen cabinets.  But the tile and the countertops are like a total buzz kill for me.  So.much.brown.  I have plans to switch them both out for more contemporary colors and finishes, but until then.... I painted my tile!     How to Paint Kitchen Tile This is a super easy process but I will say that my tile was very POROUS and that makes a huge difference in the technique and products that … [Read more...]

I can’t do my triathlon this weekend & I’ve finally taken off my pissy pants

A few days ago my sweet friend Cathy asked me when I planned on blogging about why I am not doing any triathlons this summer. I’ve been stalling and stalling on writing a blog post because I kept thinking mayyyyyyyyybe I still would be able to race this season but it appears that I am officially out (insert sad music).  It  has made me quite irritable and frankly if I can just be honest..... I've been pretty pissy about it.  I was hoping I would … [Read more...]

Our kitchen gray cabinets transformation: from gold —–> gray

Transforming our house has been a slooooooooooooooooooooow process. But we are making headway with our new gray cabinets!!!      (photo cred to ES Photography in Kansas City who did our real estate photos) Many of you may remember when our kitchen looked like this.  I know in this professional photo from E.S. Photography above that the cabinets appear light and creamy, but it really was gold and the finish on them was … [Read more...]

Mr Magic made me a “C” table

  Did you know they were even called that?  I didn't!  I called them "the little tables that scooched under the bottom of the sofa".  One of my amazing Facebook followers clued me in ..... they are "C" tables cuz' they are shaped like the letter "c".  #MindBlown.  You guys are so smart! So anyhoo, Mr Magic made me two of these nifty little tables because when we are sitting in our new sectional, I have nowhere to put my coffee … [Read more...]

A gallery wall of old windows

We've been working slowly, slowly to put our house back together after: putting it up for sale when the wall looked like the pic below making it "vanilla" to appeal to the masses (so we took the wall down) taking it off the market because the house we wanted sold (drats!  There was weeping and gnashing of teeth) changing our color scheme from golds ---------> gray And now..... trying to make the house ours again. It's been … [Read more...]

Patriotic pallet flags …. with a twist!

I know, I know.... it's the week OF Independence Day!  But you STILL have time to make a pallet flag!  I pinkie swear that you can make one in just a few hours!     The biggest challenge is finding and preparing the pallets.  I always see them at grocery stores and home improvement stores, but they can't always give away their pallets away (unless you know the store owner.... then winner, winner, chicken dinner!).  So the … [Read more...]

Perhaps the cutest lemonade stand ever (but I may be a little biased)

A few years back we were hired to faux paint a client's laundry room walls. While working in her home, I noticed she had an awesome lemonade stand for her children in her garage.  It was so stinkin' cute and I tried HARD to get her to sell it to me, but she wouldn't (bless her)..... so I told my hubby I wanted us to make one.   We just finished it and it's cute as pie, but it took some work and rework to get it … [Read more...]

Stay in your lane….

Watch for details.    People often ask me about how I've built my business both online and in the field to the size it is.  They wonder if it's advertising?  Or luck? Or if I have a "secret" to success? And it makes me giggle because it's none of that.  Yes I advertise and yes I've been in the right place at the right time many times (like here), but what I think I have done all along....  the thing that has brought me more success … [Read more...]

We DIY’d a marquee light out of a garage sale find!

We've had so many questions about the huge "A" marquee light that I showed in the reveal of our rusty tin valance project.  That "A" is literally one of my favorite things in our house!  At night, it glows like jewelry in the room!  And it's such a whimsical mix next to that tin on that valance.  I love it!     We found the industrial sized letter at a garage sale last year,... when our baby girl was littler  (but still … [Read more...]

To my creative friends….

    Dear creative person: I have the honor of meeting so many of you on my Facebook page every day.  I have a ton of you creative entrepreneurs in my mentorship class and I know you.  I get you.  I AM you.  I understand how your mind works. And I gotta tell you something that I hope will give many of you freedom.  There is no need for you to feel guilty about having 10 projects half-completed around your house.  So many … [Read more...]

We made a repurposed cornice board from old rusty tin panels!

  I am over here doing a happy dance at how my rusted tin repurposed cornice board just turned out!!!!!  Rusted tin is my 2nd love language (right behind glitter).  It makes my heart beat fast.  And I know what you're thinking.... how can I love glitter AND rust at the same time????  IDK, I just do. This is my favorite room in our house right now because of all the differences in it.  I love the rust on the tin just as much as I … [Read more...]

Baseball Home Plate Front Door Decoration (ps… perfect for a Father’s Day gift!)

I'm so in love with my new baseball front door decor! And by the looks of my Facebook page, so are you!  It's been one of my most popular posts being viewed over 158,000 times and shared over 1300 times already.   HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE??????   Thanks so much for sharing that like a jillion times!  You guys are amazing!!! * this post does contain affiliate links So let's get to the instructions.  This is SUPER easy.  It just … [Read more...]

Fancy schmancy garage sales signs that advertise for a garage sale

We had a neighborhood garage sale this weekend and I had tons and tons of things to sell as we continue to change our home over from the brown and gold palette to the grays and creams.  I needed big traffic to get rid of ALOT of brown things. So I decided to make fancy schmancy signs to advertise for the garage sale.  And they worked!  EVERYONE was talking about them! And it was one of our most profitable sales ever! They literally took … [Read more...]

STILL don’t see the value of Pinterest for your business?

My web developer sent me my google analytics today for the month of April.  My referral numbers are so interesting that I HAVE to show you.  Look at line 2.  Pinterest!  My PINTEREST account is my 2nd leading referral source and sent 2,368 people to my website last month.  And I sell things on my website.  So Pinterest is sending me potential customers! Do you see the connection between Pinterest and business revenue?     I … [Read more...]

Ladies, THIS is why it feels so hard sometimes….

Dear female creative business owners, If you are discouraged with your business this morning, or feel stuck or confused or feel like you are hitting up against a brick wall, I want to share something with you. There is a very real enemy in this world who comes to steal, kill and destroy. And he hates women because we create LIFE. And he hates creative women because we create BEAUTY. And he hates creative business women because we … [Read more...]

10 creative container ideas …. for people who love the container more than the growing!

I did another local tv segment last week on "creative container ideas" for spring!  Let me just say that I am NOT a horticulturist. In fact, I'm almost CERTAIN that I have a black thumb, but I do LOVE creative ways to pot flowers. As I said on the program, if your flowers are in cute pots, people notice it LESS when they are dying.  Well maybe they don't, but it makes me feel better to think it. I showed 10 ideas of ways to plant flowers … [Read more...]

Perfect Schmer-fect: how perfectionism could be killing your creative small business!

  To my creative entrepreneur friends: Are you a self-proclaimed perfectionist?  Or maybe you do not think you are a perfectionist, but maybe you are a creative entrepreneur and you joke that you are OCD.  Or an overachiever. Or obsessively meticulous. Those are just fancy-schmancy words for the same thing. Maybe you have had thoughts like this that pop up in your business: My business name isn’t exactly what I want, so I'm … [Read more...]

My nearly white entryway table. A tutorial.

  If you follow my Magic Brush Facebook page, you'll know that I recently repainted my entryway table to look like the picture above.  I know, I know. It's almost white.  And I thought I was allergic to white. Who knew??   I have loved this piece for many, many years but I am just soooooooooo over the dark, heavy colors in my home.   So it was time to go and I was MORE THAN ready.     My hubby took our … [Read more...]

How to make a baseball wreath for your front door

  I am so thrilled that so many of you wanted to know how I made the baseball wreath that I took both on television and to the Home Show last week.  It was not a hard project, just took some time.  And many baseballs died on behalf of this project.  Just warning you cuz' it may hurt your heart a little.     First, I went to my beloved Hobby Lobby and got a wreath ring thing.  Did you see the video I made that … [Read more...]

Painted pantry handles in my new gray kitchen

Normally I am not a fan of painting your cabinet handles.  I just feel like the oils in your hands will eventually wear the paint off of your handles.  Especially on the cabinets where you keep your chocolate stash and Doritos bags.  Wait, it's just me? Anyway, painted handles normally scare me. So I kind of went against my own rules when I decided to buy these cabinet handles at Hobby Lobby recently. I was looking for a long skinny … [Read more...]

When a painter is picking a new paint color….

  Around Christmas time of this year, I decided I was over all of the gold paint in my house.  And by "over it", I mean..... I wanted it gone like yesterday. So I decided I wanted to repaint the walls in all of the common rooms of my house. But wall color is REALLY a big deal to me.  Like REALLY important.  I gotta have colors on my walls that I feel good in and that I love.  I can't be "kinda" in love with my walls. I need to … [Read more...]

My saddest St. Patrick’s Day parade and how it freed me

  It was St. Patrick's Day, 1999.  Doesn't that just sound like eons ago?  And yet, I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was my first day at a new job.  I had been hired at an "up and coming" telecommunications company as a software developer.  They had offered me a generous salary.  And a pager (back then that was the and a little security card that I had to swipe to get into my department.   I felt semi-important … [Read more...]

An encouragement for mothers

Yesterday, I went to my favorite running park to get a jog in. Yes, it was my second workout of the day (I have only two things to say about that. #1) Cadbury eggs. #2) I am meeting The Magnolia Mom next week. You ladies get me?) Anyhoo, so as I was jogging along, I suddenly felt my heart just achinggggggg to have my kids with me. Just two years ago, Ava came to this park with me often. I would push her in a stroller while I worked out. You … [Read more...]

Pretty much EVERYTHING is paintable

Yep, pretty much EVERYTHING IS paintable.  And if you ask my hubby right now, he will probably tell you that I'm painting almost everything in our house that isn't nailed down.  My quest to go from gold to gray continues and nothing is safe! And here is the deal, I would love to go REPLACE every thing I own to go with my new painting scheme..... but it's just not in our budget.  So, I'll use a lot of what I have and CHANGE it.  And you can do … [Read more...]

A love letter to my creative friends

Dearest creatives, It saddens me so much when I hear you dumb down the talent that you have.  When I hear you take your craft for granted.  Or when I can tell that you don't think your creative talent is as important as "other professions". Friends, listen.  The God of the universe entrusted to you with a creative talent to make this world a more beautiful place!!! And beauty matters to the Lord or He would have made the world all in black … [Read more...]

5 things NOT to say to a family who wanted to adopt a child, but didn’t

  So if you have followed my blog for any length of time, you may know that for years we have tried to adopt a child.  My husband and I have 3 healthy, wonderful, wild biological children, but I have always, always wanted to adopt.  It was 11 years ago when our middle kiddo was an infant that we first began to get information on adoption. Originally we considered adopting internationally, but as time went on, we decided we felt called … [Read more...]

What a wooden box at 9 Round just taught me….

    So one of my triathlon buddies and I signed up for "9 Rounds" several months ago (it's a 30 minute kick boxing session).  We needed a workout that is quick and intense during our off season and we wanted to work out together. 9 Rounds seemed perfect and apparently, I enjoy hitting things.  Who knew? Lol So one of the things they pull out at 9 Round on occasion is a this wooden box (see picture above).  When I was a YMCA … [Read more...]

Ceiling medallion repurpose

      My main man recently accommodated me on a spur of the moment project idea. Before I even tell you the project, I just think we need to take a moment of internet silence for all of the amazing husbands out there who re-hang, re-wire, re-move, re-arrange and re-everything for us decorating wives on a total whim.  There is a special place in heaven for you I am certain!   I had been staring at our … [Read more...]

When I was a bartender ….

  Yeah, I know that headline will throw some of you for a loop.  Lol.  But, it's true.  In my mid-20's, I waited tables and bartended at a local bar and grill. I found I was an awesome waitress.... I loved serving people, I loved chatting with people and I could consolidate with the best of them. But I stunk as a bartender.  For one, I have terrible cooking skills, remember? And I wasn't much better at mixing drinks.  Lol.  And two, … [Read more...]

Painting chandeliers

    So lately I have been getting tired of some of my heavy looking, bronze colored chandeliers.  I still like the SHAPE of them, I just want to lighten them up.... both visually and how they feel in the room. So we painted several of our chandeliers!  So much better! I will teach you how! This post may contain affiliate links. If you order from the post, I will be given a small commission that will help me to continue … [Read more...]