Are you looking for ways of making money from your creative talent???? Your hobby? Your passion?

Maybe you are seeing a sale or 2 here and there on Etsy.

Maybe occasionally you sell a few pretty things on Craigslist.

Or maybe you get asked to paint things for your friends and family but don’t know how to charge them.

Maybe you have a creative business already going but you just need to see GROWTH in that business.

I can help you.

If you are a creative business owner of any kind, you know there is already a ton of competition on Etsy and online groups.  You MUST figure out how to make your products stand out if you want to sell things on a consistent basis.

And, you can only make and create so much. There are only so many hours in any given day. So in order to make more money at your craft, most people think they just need to make and work more.

But that will leave you exhausted.

And….. what happens if you CAN’T make or paint anything for a while?

Or you want to stay home and raise your babies but still add a little money every month to your family’s income?

Or perhaps you are getting older and doing the physical work of being a maker or a painter is taking a toll on your body?

How can you still have income coming in every month from your creative talent?

You take your creative talents ONLINE. That’s how!

In my monthly business group, we focus on the different multiple streams of income you can (and should have) as a maker:

Website Sales
Affiliate Sales
Brand Partnerships
Online Classes
In-person Classes
Private Facebook Groups
and more!

I will help you determine the best ways to take your knowledge and skills online so that you can make money from both your creative merchandise AND your KNOWLEDGE of making things.

I show you how to build your social media, steward your time, hire good help and set up your business in a way that helps you live the life you want.

My monthly group is perfect for furniture painters, faux painters, cabinet painters, hobbyists, creative entrepreneurs, jewelry makers, photographers, repurposers, seamstresses, ETSY people, etc. Anyone who is creative for a business!

What you'll get
Monthly action steps to implement into your business each month
Personal interaction with me and over 300 other members in a private Facebook group
set Q & A week in our private Facebook group every month
LIVE call each month as a group to ask me questions on any topic
You can get results in your business too. 
Here’s what members are saying about Jennifer’s training classes…
Check out this video!
Julie Siomacco, owner of Southern Charm Wreaths, shares why she finally joined the Creative Entrepreneurs Inner Circle, what she learned and how she took her creative business to SIX FIGURES!
Quick Growth

I joined Jennifer’s Inner Circle just three short months ago and it has been the biggest blessing! My business has grown in leaps and bounds! I cannot recommend this group enough for someone working to grow their business at any stage it’s in. My only regret is that I didn’t find the Inner Circle sooner!  
Sarah Brackenridge
Redeemed Decor
The Best Decision
I have been a member of the Inner Circle for several months and have NEVER felt better about my business. I went from being a stressed out, frazzled mess to a confident business owner in a matter of months. I have made more money in the last few months than I have in a year, with less hours! Jennifer teaches in a way that feels more like a chat over coffee with your best friend; it’s easy to understand and implement.  As an inner circle member, I’ve now written an ebook, started my own website, blog, and most recently was asked to teach at a large conference.   All things that were never even on my radar! If you’re lacking direction, feeling overwhelmed, or just unsure where to even start, You NEED the inner circle! It was truly the BEST decision I could have ever made!
Sarah Strunk

Simply Sarah
Expanding Revenue
I have really been enjoying and learning so much from these classes. I have bid 2 cabinet jobs with confidence…stood my ground with my furniture prices and made the sell…and finally hired someone to create a logo for me to use on a brochure. I also created by outsourcing for my painting classes, donated a class for a local fund raiser and got a student from the fund raiser display. All because of Jennifer’s suggestions I have taken the steps for marketing and developing more confidence along the way. 
Connie Fellows
 C & C Collectible Creations
Join the Inner Circle today!
The best way to start making more money in your creative business.
1 Monthly Payment of $47 Billed Every 30 Days

Your Inner Circle membership runs for 30 consecutive days beginning with the date of your registration and is automatically renewed each month on or around the same business day of the next month unless a cancellation is made prior to the first day of the following month. If you wish to cancel your membership you must do so by emailing You are responsible for the monthly payment of $47 for each month that you have had access to the training materials.

Increased Pageviews

In January I had 6,000 website hits. So far this month--- 65,000 hits! It's grown every month. I've had two posts go viral. I'm earning ad revenue income, and selling TONS of signs. My income has increased by approx $1,800/month and growing steadily. I'm working with an amazing brand-- JORD wood watches. It's been a wild, wonderful ride and I'm convinced it's just the beginning. Part of the success is thanks to all the great things I learned from Jennifer's Pinterest on Purpose training. Pinterest is MOSTLY responsible for my site traffic-- although I've gotten plenty through Facebook also. The one-on-one coaching was exactly what I needed to figure out where to focus in my business. It gave me very actionable steps that translated to results. I'm so so so grateful! 
Lizzie Smiley
Create a Peaceful Home

Great Business Mentor
Jennifer Allwood's approach to teaching women (and men) about how to launch and sustain an online business presence, is the most nurturing, encouraging, honest, and helpful business information, that I have found.    There are no big words, there is no big hype, just simple, clear, useful information delivered in a format that is easy to understand and to accomplish (even for women over 50!)!  Jennifer has a God given talent for making her whole audience feel at ease, and she has created a group where members share freely and openly about both problems and solutions.  I can’t imagine a better business mentor to take creative people through the steps from their ideas to a fully functioning and productive business, than Jennifer Allwood.  I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to have found such a wonderful business mentor, and look forward to learning much more from her!

Sandra Leavey
The Retro Flamingo Studio

Worthy Investment
Jennifer Allwood’s Inner Circle has literally been THE best business decision I’ve ever made. Since joining, my business has reached levels that I thought were only obtainable in my dreams. Within 4 months I was confident enough to leave my full time job. I’ve almost tripled my income and have cut back to working 30 hours a week. It sounds too good to be true… I know! Jen taught us how to move our business online and all the possible ways to do that. That has made the biggest financial impact!!!!!! This group allows me to surround myself with like-minded people who have the same size dreams that I do and Jen so amazingly shares all of her secrets to help us achieve those. The Inner Circle has paid for its self over and over and over again!!!  When you invest in yourself you will always get a return in value!!!  
Brittany Young
Certified Celebrator