Jennifer Allwood,
owner of The Magic Brush Inc.,
will reveal...
My Top Tips To Help You
Perfectly Price Your Projects
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For $77, you'll gain instant access to this valuable recorded webinar, filled with my top tips on how to perfectly price your projects.  

This Webinar is Perfect for: 

•  Creative people who would like to start charging for their talents  

 •  Anyone tired of painting and creating for FREE for their friends and family

 •  Anyone wanting to take their HOBBY and make it into a FULL-TIME income

 •  Creative entrepreneurs who struggle with putting a dollar sign on their talents

 •  Sellers who just aren’t making enough at their hobby to quit their “day job” yet

What To Expect From This Webinar:

I'll teach you:

• How to determine who you want to sell to How to find your ideal client • How to determine where to spend your valuable advertising dollars
 • How to get referrals
 • How to tell when it's time to raise your prices!
 • My personal formula for preparing quotes for your services and creations

I'll talk about:

• Where I would NOT try to sell your creations
 • The pros and cons of selling on Facebook vs. Etsy vs. your own website • When it's time to consider renting space
 • How to build your confidence in your pricing
 • What to do when things aren’t selling (and it’s NOT dropping your prices)

As a BONUS, I will be providing all webinar registrants with a copy of the actual contract that I give all of my clients to sign when I present them with my pricing. This contract is a way of ensuring you are protected in your business. Wait, it gets better: You can easily modify my contract to suit your business needs! You need this! Register now and receive this HUGE BONUS after the webinar!

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